Lower Anterior Relapse (4 Months)

By Propel Orthodontics

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High-frequency vibration relapse case study

HFV Case

Treatment Time: 4 Months

Dr. Thomas Shipley

Patient Info: Teenage Male presented with lower anterior relapse one year post-treatment. He had not worn a retainer for six months and could not get it even half-way on without significant pain. A new scan and costly retreatment seemed like the next course of action, which may have lost the ortho referral of the younger sibling.

Modality: Clear Plastic Retainer


  • Lower Anterior Relapse

Treatment Notes:

  • VPro™ used in-office and patient was able to leave with his retainer seating improved
  • Continued use of VPro 5 minutes per day and the patient’s teeth returned to the same position as when he completed treatment

Additional Case Photos:

High-frequency vibration relapse case study
Patient cannot get his retainer on, is prescribed VPro and begins use in-office
High-frequency vibration relapse case study
Patient is able to leave same-day with improved retainer seating, and is back on track within 4 months

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